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Papazisis Publishers

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(2013) Goodbye Greece, Hello Hellas , Alexópoulos, Chrístos
(2013) Essays on Classical Music Education: Orchestras - Conductors - Soloists - Composers - Radio & TV Current Events - Discography - Videography , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.
(2013) Social Sciences and the Current Crisis , Collective Work
(2012) 8 ½ , Vasilikós, Vasílis
(2012) 8 ½ , Vasilikós, Vasílis
(2012) Alasdair MacIntyre
(2012) Conversing Images: Photography and Surrealist Aesthetics on the Stage Writing of Sosìetas Raffaello Sanzio , Tsatsoúlis, Dimítris
(2012) Greece
(2011) Documentary History of Greece: 1943-1951
(2011) Literature and Art of China , Papapávlou, Klaíri V.
(2010) A Pionnering Vision?
(2010) Measures for Measures , Collective Work
(2010) Public Health and Health Care in Greece and Bulgaria , Collective Work
(2010) The Phenomenon of Development and the Third World: Policies and International Development Law=Le phénomène du dévelopment et le tiers monde: Politiques et droit international de dévelopment , Tsáltas, Grígoris I.
(2010) The Poems , Panagoúlis, Aléxandros
(2009) Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau
(2009) Essays on Classical Music Education: Orchestras - Conductors - Soloists - Composers - Radio & TV Current Events - Discography - Videography , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.
(2009) Church and State in the Venetian Islands of the Ionian Sea: Documents Regarding the Activity of Italian Franciscans Missionaries from the Archives of the Sacra Congregazione di Propaganda Fide (17th Century)
(2008) Between the Moral and the Rational
(2008) Dictatorship of the Colonels , Meletópoulos, Melétis I.
(2007) Equal Treatment and the European Legal Order
(2007) EU Gender Equality Law , Chíou - Maniatopoúlou, Dóra
(2006) Economic Systems, Development Policies and the Enterpise Strategies it the Age of Globalization: Essays in Honor of Professor Stergios Babanassis , Collective Work
(2005) Herbert Marcuse , Christodoulídi - Mazaráki, Angelikí
(2004) Byzantium, medieval world, Islam: Twenty fice essays in history and educatiion , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.
(2004) Essays in ottoman history , Savvídis, Aléxis G. K.
(2004) Essays in Economic Analysis: A Festschrift for the 45th Foundation Anniversary of KEPE
(2004) Crime and Punishment: The International Criminal Court in the New World Order , Rozákis, Chrístos L.
(2003) Health and Health Care Services in the Balkans
(2003) Intelligent Information Systems Applied to Complicated Defence Problems , Collective Work
(2002) Collected Poems , Panagoúlis, Aléxandros
(2002) Do's and Don'ts
(2002) Negative Cultural Practice , Fioravántes, Vasílis
(2002) The other Lafcadio Hearn , Papapávlou, Klaíri V.
(2002) Pharmaceutical policies in the European Union: The modernisation of the regulatory framework , Nikolakopoúlou - Stefánou, Iró
(2002) Psychometrics and Psychological Evaluation , Koulákoglou, Karína
(2001) Mediterranean Conference for Agricultural Research Cooperation , Collective Work
(2001) Brothers, Sisters , Rigópoulos, Rígas D.
(2001) Bibliographical guide of the greek agricultural economy and society 1990-2000 , Collective Work
(2001) Enterprise and Entrepreneurship , Ioannídis, Stávros
(2001) Shipping in Ithaca , Vlassópoulos, Níkos S.
(2001) New Technology and Ancient Fears in the School System , Diamantáki, Katerína
(2001) Contemporary Economic Systems , Bampanásis, Stérgios
(2000) Economic Development, Emigration and the Human Factor , Vgenópoulos, Kóstas
(2000) The Break-up of Yugoslavia , Sarlís, Pávlos
(2000) Development Policies for Border regions of the European Union , Tsétsis, Stávros Ch.
(2000) Formal Opinions on Social Law , Kremalís, Konstantínos D.
(2000) Administration, Citizens and Democracy , Spanoú, Kalliópi
(2000) Manual of European Policy , Moúsis, Níkos S.
(2000) Introduction to Private Law , Kefálas, Charílaos N.

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