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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2011) Las Incantadas
(2005) Face Invisible
(2004) India through Jordan
(2001) De corpore animae
(2001) Selections and Sets , Kedrou - Agathopoulou, Maria
(2001) To the Unknown , Lykesás, Apóstolos
(2000) The Dog Was Scratching the Door , Charalámpi, Anthí
(1999) Essays and Tribulations , Kedrou - Agathopoulou, Maria
(1999) Me the Other , Nevrokoplí, Vasilikí
(1999) The Visit and Other Stories from the Islands , Koukorínis, Vasílis D.
(1998) The Pharmacological Knowledge of Odysseas Elytis , Flóka, Christína G.
(1998) Crumbs , Saríkas, Zísis
(1997) The Coffee-Houses of Old Thessaloniki , Tomanás, Kóstas

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