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(2012) Semantics Meaning in Language
(2012) Tempo, spazio e memoria nella letteratura italiana: Omaggio a Antonio Tabucchi , Collective Work
(2011) Lezioni di Morfologia II
(2010) "Instantanes" et jeux de miroirs
(2010) Business administration
(2010) Du Francais pour l' etranger a la didactologie des langues-cultures
(2010) English for Pharmaceutical Studies
(2010) English for Pharmaceutical Studies
(2010) L’ enfant: Acteur sur la scene romanesque
(2010) Language Learning Strategies in the Foreign Language Classroom
(2010) My Way...
(2010) Still Carrè
(2010) Tae Kwon Do
(2010) Coronary Disease , Bountoúlas, Charísios
(2009) Excel
(2009) Ius Abstinendi
(2009) L’ histoire de la rencontre d’art et de Litterature
(2009) Visions de la jeunesse: Recueil poetique
(2009) Elements of Applied Human Genetics , Mourelátos, Dionýsios K.
(2009) Infections in Otorhinolaryngology
(2008) "Voluntas Singulorum"
(2008) Advances and Challenges in Poultry Science , Collective Work
(2008) Buildings, Energy and the Environment , Collective Work
(2008) Discours Action Interaction
(2008) Histoire du theatre: La passion au feminin , Éxarchou, Kalliópi - Stylianí
(2008) Financial Case Analysis , Adamídis, Argýris L.
(2007) An Introduction to Concrete Admixtures , Tsóchos, Geórgios Ch.
(2007) Compendium of 1850 Modern Greek Verbs
(2007) Green Care in Agriculture: Health effects, Economics and Policies
(2007) Lezioni di Morfologia
(2007) Management of Recovered Wood
(2007) Forests and Environment in Ancient Greece
(2007) The Garden City Adventure: Social and Environmental Reform in Europe and Greece During the 20th Century , Kafkoúla, Kikí
(2007) Imparo la lingua italiana
(2007) Imparo la lingua italiana
(2006) English for Agricultural Sciences
(2006) Female Sexuality and Freedom , Bakopoúlou - Chols, Alíki
(2006) Hommage à Robert Galisson , Collective Work
(2006) Teaching English in the Primary Classroom
(2006) Byzantine Architecture and Act of Worship: Proceedings 1st Seminar: Mechaniona -Thessalonike, June 13, 2005: Introduction, Thematic Contributions and Responses
(2006) Märchen aus dem Epirus
(2006) Ithaca , Dimitriádis, Dimítris
(2006) L' Ultimo Viaggio de Ulisse nella Letteretura Italiana
(2005) Arborétum
(2005) Contemporary Sociolinguistic Issues in Cyprus
(2005) Gottfried Semper 1803-1879 , Collective Work
(2005) Itinéraires intertextuels de Montaigne à Molière
(2005) L' analyse automatique des textes écrits
(2005) Management of Recovered Wood
(2005) Sprache und Multikulturalität

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