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(2013) Flitsam and his friends , Sivropoúlou, Réna
(2013) Griechische gemeinde Göttingen e.V. Göttinger Geschichten (1963-1971) , Touloumákos, Ioánnis
(2013) Mrs Dora and Flitsam , Sivropoúlou, Réna
(2012) Griechenland isst anders
(2012) Las Incantadas
(2012) Microsoft Word 2010® , Fragkákis, Charálampos N.
(2012) Thessaloniki 1900-1917 , Moutsópoulos, Níkos K.
(2012) The Sea Shells of Greece
(2011) Ancient Sacral Monuments in the Black Sea , Collective Work
(2010) 12th International Conference on Inclusive education in the Balkan Countries: Policy and Practice
(2010) Accessibility and Safety for All , Collective Work
(2010) Elements of Neptic Psychology , Kornarákis, Ioánnis K.
(2009) Asomata an Archaic Cemetery in Emathia , Kefalídou, Evrydíki
(2008) European Unification and Educational Challenges in the Balkans
(2008) Studio comparativo del dramma sacro cretese, spagnolo e italiano: Tre funzioni diverse dello stesso genere letterario
(2008) The Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education (1997-2007)
(2008) Colour in Architecture , Tóska, Theanó - Fánny
(2008) Pontus: Engravings, Maps, Coins , Kyriakídis, Tásos I.
(2008) The Concordat Between the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Vatican 1935-1937: The Position of the Serbian Orthodox Church
(2007) Education and Values in the Balkan Countries
(2006) Die Strasse Apolloniados
(2006) Hellenism Abroad
(2006) Interkulturalitaet im Werk von D. Chatzis: Das doppelte Buch
(2006) Kinder und Jugendliteratur zum Thema Migration und Ihre Bedeutung fuer interkulturelle Verstaendigung
(2006) Lifelong Learning in the Balkans
(2006) Hygiene and Social Medicine , Katsougiannópoulos, Vasíleios Ch.
(2005) Analecta Balcano - Russica , Papoulídis, Konstantínos K.
(2005) Quality in Education in the Balkans
(2005) Neugreichische Volkslieder in den originalen und mti deutscher Ubersetzung
(2004) Intercultural Education in the Balkan Countries
(2004) Problemes de traduction et d’ interpretation du nouveau testament en Grec moderne
(2004) Ten Years of Cement Hydration
(2003) The Greek Pontians of the Black Sea , Chionídis, Konstantínos
(2002) Original-Fragmente, Chroniken, Inschriften und anderes Materiale zur Geschichte des Kaiserthums Trapezunt , Fallmerayer, Jakob Philipp
(2002) Nutrition in the Pontus , Savvídis, Thomás
(2001) Fortran , Fragkákis, Charálampos N.
(2001) Foucault and the Political
(2001) Pontos , Papadopoúlou - Symeonídou, Parýsatis
(2001) Teacher Education in the Balkan Countries
(2001) Visual Basic , Fragkákis, Charálampos N.
(2001) Unknown Pages of the Pontus , Apostolídis, Leonídas K.
(2001) Partisans, the Innocent Visionaries , Kostópoulos, Ioánnis
(2001) Addictive Substances and Orthodox Christian Upbringing in Childhood and Adolescence , Dourdoúni, Evangelía K.
(2001) Vitiviniculture Tradition in Greece and the Pontus , Chairópoulos, Pávlos D.
(2001) Group Instruction in Education , Anagnostopoúlou, María S.
(2001) History of the Ecumenical Patriarchate , Gennadios, Metropolitan of Heliopolis
(2001) Kutsufliani: Volksundliche Studie eines Aromunischen Dorfes im Pindos-Gebirge (Panagia, Distrikt Tríkala)
(2001) Smoking and Orthodox Christian Upbringing in Childhood and Adolescence , Solomoú - Nikolaΐdou, Vasilikí G.
(2000) Education in the Balkans: From the Enlightenment to the Founding of the Nation-States , Terzís, Níkos P.
(2000) Educational Systems of Balkan Countries