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(2012) Structure and Function of the World Council of Churches: Descriptive exposition of its legislative, administrative, consultative, and executive bodies with reference to the role of the Orthodox Chuches
(2012) Comma Johanneum: An Approach to its Genuineness on the Basis of Textual Criticism and its Interpretation
(2011) The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians , Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
(2011) Exegesis and Theology of Biblical Texts , Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
(2011) History of the New Testament Era , Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
(2010) Die theologische ansicht Romanos'des Meloden:Gegenwärtige rogmengeschichtliche Betrachtung und poetische Theologie
(2009) Holy Scripture and Globalization: Signs of Convergence and Divergence , Ioannídis, Thomás A.
(2009) The Parable of the Man and Lazarus: A Comparative Study on Patristic and Modern Interpretation
(2009) The Beginnings of the Ecumenical Mission of the Church , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2009) The Problem of the Title "Acts of (the) Apostles: A New Theological Aproach , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2008) The Conversion and the Beginnings of the Missionary Activity of St. Paul: Comparative Study of the Acts and Paul's Epistles , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2008) The Beginnings of Christianity in Cyprus: Historical, Philological, Theological and Religions – Historical Analysis of the Narrative of Acts 13, 1-12 , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2008) The Frescoes in the Parekklesion of St. Euthymios (1302/3) in the Basilica of St. Demetrios: The Work of Manuel Panselinos in Thessaloniki , Tsigarídas, E. N.
(2007) Biblical Studies IV , Karavidópoulos, Ioánnis D.
(2007) Aquaintance Before Marriage , Kougioumtzóglou, Geórgios S.
(2007) Indroduction to the New Testament , Karavidópoulos, Ioánnis D.
(2006) Introduction to the Old Testament , Kalantzákis, Stávros E.
(2006) The Tradition of David in the Old Testament , Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
(2006) Jubilee, Melchizedek and the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Contribution to the Formation of Christian Soteriology
(2004) English theological texts and exercices
(2004) Orthodox Hagiology , Tsámis, Dimítrios G.
(2004) Biblical hermeneutical and theological studies , Galánis, I.
(2004) The homily of patriarch Proclus "On the most-holy Theotokos" and the answer of Nestotius
(2004) Paul, gashes into his theology , Vasileiádis, Pétros V.
(2003) New Testament and culture , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2003) Neochalcedonianism: A dogmatical point of division?
(2002) Lex's Play
(2002) Sin, Baptism, Grace (Rom 6: 1-14): A contribution to pauline soteriology
(2002) Makedonia in new testament period
(2002) The tradition of the exodus according to the prophets of the old testament: Historical-theological study , Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
(2001) The Meaning of Glory in Pauline Theology , Atmatzídis, Charálampos G.
(2001) Dialogue of Theology and Society , Passákos, Dimítrios K.
(2001) Theology of new testament and patristic hermeneutic , Oikonómou, Chrístos K.
(2001) The sinless and the adulteress: John 7,53 - 8,11 , Skiadarésis, Ioánnis G.
(2001) Bektashism in Western Thrace , Zegkínis, Efstrátios Ch.
(2001) The gospel according to Mark , Karavidópoulos, Ioánnis D.
(2001) The Ethics of Chryssostomos , Tsitsígkos, Spýros K.
(2000) Glossary of Theological Terms , Makrantonáki - Farazá, María
(2000) High Priests´ Crosier 1645 , Iákovos, Monk
(2000) Biblical Hermeneutical Studies , Vasileiádis, Pétros V.
(2000) Biblical Studies 2 , Karavidópoulos, Ioánnis D.
(2000) Introduction to Pateric Thought in the Orthodox Church , Tsámis, Dimítrios G.
(2000) Church - World - Man , Liáliou, Déspo A.
(2000) Timely Topics in Icon Painting , Vasileiádis, Pétros V.
(2000) Interpretation of Eastern Orthodox Doctrinary and Symbolic Texts , Liáliou, Déspo A.
(2000) Gospel Interpretation , Vasileiádis, Pétros V.
(2000) Hermeneutic Studies on the Old and New Testament , Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
(2000) The Apocalypse of Saint John , Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
(2000) The Thessaloniki Church , Angelópoulos, Athanásios A.
(2000) The Church and Contemporary Greek Society , Papageorgíou, Níki I.

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