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Titles found in the Biblionet database
(2012) History of Anaesthesia VII , Collective Work
(2010) Multilingual Illustrated Dictionary of Byzantine Architecture and Sculpture Terminology
(2009) The Eastern Mediterranean Under Ottoman Rule: Crete, 1645-1840 , Collective Work
(2009) Crete: Photographic Testimonies from the Personal Album of Prince Ceorge=Crète: Témoignages photographiques à travers l' album personnel du Prince Georges
(2009) In Communion with Stone: The Rural Architecture of Lesvos , Collective Work
(2008) Ariadne's Gaze
(2007) El Greco's Studio
(2007) Pastoral Palimpsests: Essays in the Reception of the Theocritus and Virgil , Collective Work
(2007) Holy Friday: Service of the Holy Passion , Dionysópoulos, Níkos
(2007) Holy Wednesday
(2006) Provincial Elites in the Ottoman Empire
(2005) Greek Architects of the Interwar Period
(2005) Encheiridion of the Modern Greek philologist , Polítis, Aléxis
(2005) Copyists, Collectors, Redactors and Editors: Manuscripts and Editions of Late Byzantine and Early Modern Greek literature: Papers Given at the Danish Institute at Athens, 23-26 May 2002, in Honour of Hans Eideneier and Arnold van Gemert
(2004) Mathematica and Applications , Trachanás, Stéfanos L.
(2004) Folk songs of Skyros, Greece
(2004) Partial Differential Equations , Trachanás, Stéfanos L.
(2003) The Kapudan Pasha his Office and his Domain
(2003) Nation and Orthodoxy , Matálas, Paraskevás
(2003) Odyssey
(2002) Aristotle on the Function of Tragic Poetry , Sifákis, G. M.
(2002) Byzantine icons: Art, technique and technology: An international symposium, 20-21 February 1998
(2002) Data Structures , Georgakópoulos, Geórgios
(2002) "T’ Adonin Keino Pou Glyka Thlivatai…"
(2001) Ten Lectures on Applied Mathematics , Dásios, Geórgios
(2001) Theory and Practice of the Late-Byzantine, Renaissance and Post-Byzantine Popular Literature Editions
(2001) Studies on Cretan Literature , Charalampákis, Christóforos
(2001) Kythera
(2001) Pro-Socratians
(2001) Portraits of Chemical elements , Várvoglis, Anastásios G.
(2000) Lipases and Lipids
(2000) Erosion and the Maintenance of the Building Materials of Monuments , Skoulikídis, Th. N.
(2000) Dying on Syros in the 19th Century , Loúkos, Chrístos
(2000) Stelios Anastasiadis
(2000) The Early Years of Domenicos Theotocopoulos , Panagiotákis, Nikólaos M.
(1999) Natural Disasters in the Ottoman Empire
(1999) The Great Idea of Lyricism , Vogiatzóglou, Athiná
(1999) Table of Words Encountered in the Poems of Nicos Engonopoulos , Koumpís, Adamántios
(1998) The Deep of the Mirror , Samouíl, Alexándra
(1998) Footnotes and References , Polítis, Aléxis
(1997) The Art of Verse , Spatalás, Gerásimos
(1995) Architecture , Stylianídis, Antónis
(1995) In the Time of the Plague , Kostís, Kóstas P.

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