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Black Russia Leather Shoes

Black Russia Leather Shoes

Maro Doyka
series editor: Misel Fais

Patakis Publishers, 2005
201 p.
ISBN 960-16-1700-0, ISBN-13 978-960-16-1700-8, [In Print]
Price € 13,25

"After thirty years of trials, I know now: I'll be writing the same book over and over again. Every time I'll write it differently. Then I'll die with the same old obsession: can or can't we know for certain, can we admit the compromises we do? Can or can't we tell the difference between what we are entitled to and what we ask for? Through the years I also learnt: the novelist is not only a story-teller, an entertainer, is neither the intellectual in his ivory tower, nor the fine arts craftsman in his workshop; the novelist is mainly someone who resists complacency questing the quintessence of life under the fact and behind the image. The true novelist, regardless his/her world vision, regardless his/her relationship to writing, confronts every single day his/her language that exists away and independently from any political power. The true novelist confronts his/her responsibility to the community and his/her decision to be a conscious observing and observed being, a receptor and a transmitter of the dynamics and contradictions of his/her times." M.D.

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