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The Notebook of Coincidences

The Notebook of Coincidences

Maria Aggelidoy
illustrator: Vasilis Papatsaroychas
series editor: Giannis S. Papadatos

Papadopoulos Publishing, 2005
104 p.
ISBN 960-412-430-7, ISBN-13 978-960-412-430-5, [In Print]
Price € 6,32

Ilias Makris, the young hero of The Notebook of Coincidences, has his own fashion of confronting the questions that face anyone growing up. A devotee of order in all forms, Ilias has a room full of neatly sorted collections and notebooks. He has a passion for defining and classifying everything he observes, and recording it all in a series of notebooks. Not surprisingly, when he moves to a new neighbourhood and school and has to find new friends, he meets the challenge in much the same way. His notebooks record a surprising chain of coincidences that lead him into a strong new friendship that helps him through the obstacles of life. From his silent namesake Ilias, he learns the secrets of football and the nature of friendship. Told in the first person as a chapter from his autobiography, Ilias’s story will strike a chord with children of nine and over.(

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