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Marcie Ladd

Marcie Ladd

Zeta Kountoyri

Kedros Publishers, 2006
177 p.
ISBN 960-04-2726-7, ISBN-13 978-960-04-2726-4, [In Print]
Price € 11,22

"Our land was fertile and calm ... as though God had placed a special blessing on it. Whatever you chose to plant, it grew, bore fruit. Nothing bad ever happened - not since the big earthquake - nothing. Not until Marcie Ladd appeared, that is, and brought a whirlwind of passion with her that shook us all up, disturbing the calm waters of our existence. One dull winter morning, she stepped off the boat..." This is how the heroine of Zeta Koudouri's novel makes her appearance on a Greek island, which was, superficially at least, leading a very calm existence. And with the same surface calm, the author slowly casts light on the characters, moments, places and spaces of the island, journeying masterfully in time and guiding us perceptively but discreetly through the labyrinthine world of the soul and the life of the people in the small, harsh island community. Secrets and lies, envy and pettiness, concealed passions, heroic moves and weak human beings fill the pages of this novel.

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