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Ray of Light in the Darkness

Ray of Light in the Darkness

Leonardo Da Vinci
translator: Alexandra Lymperopoyloy

Periplous, 2005
237 p.
ISBN 960-438-013-3, ISBN-13 978-960-438-013-8, [In Print]
Price € 18,35

Since 1980, Ersi Sotiropoulos has published eleven books. Ray of Light in the Darkness, just out from Kedros, contains 22 short stories ranging from 2 to 24 pages in length. The reader devours these brief tales that are united by the rapid style of modern communication, in various forms. A description in the last story could apply to the writer herself: “The woman has many hands. She looks like a Swiss knife. Like branches, they sprout out from her body when she speaks. She talks quickly, in terse phrases.” And the narrative, often first person, male and female, sometimes in diary form, is equally terse. The writer keeps the reader on the move, taking them to Rome, Brussels and Los Angeles. She creates a range of contemporary Greek characters – the canteen worker, the hairdresser, the exterminator, self-conscious women – who live ordinary life, travel, come home, make love and die. This is a Greece that belies tourist cliches. (

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