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The Sculptures of the Parthenon

The Sculptures of the Parthenon

Alkistis Choremi - Spetsieri
photographer: Sokratis Maurommatis

Ephesus Publishing, 2004
237 p.
ISBN 960-8326-13-3, ISBN-13 978-960-8326-13-2, [In Print]
Price € 79,49

The Sculptures of the Parthenon offers an unprecedented wrap-around view of a timeless cultural monument. Alkistis Choremi-Spetsieri, director of the Acropolis Museum, brings together in visual form all the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon, parts of which – controversially removed from the Acropolis – now reside in the British Museum and the Louvre. She describes them, evaluates their artistic effect, explains their meaning and speculates about the missing fragments.Exceptional photographs by Sokratis Mavrommatis and from the two museums record the timeless power and beauty of a paramount artistic achievement. Choremi-Spetsieri traces the evolution of the Acropolis – first a refuge, then seat of a king and later of the administration, a place of worship, and a citadel fortified with Cyclopean walls. She documents both its significance through the ages and the work being done to restore it to its former splendour, and concludes with a reasoned argument for reuniting the marbles.

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