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The Footpaths of Meteora

The Footpaths of Meteora

Trekking in Greece

Antonis Kalogirou
translator: Bruce Walter

Kritiki Publishing, 2004
105 p.
ISBN 960-218-365-9, ISBN-13 978-960-218-365-6, [In Print]
Price € 12,00

Do you consider yourself being a voyager and not just a tourist? Join us, then, for a different tour in Meteora. The parts of Meteora that belong to the rocks and to monks can take visitors breath away with their grandeur. Trekking along the suggested routes, you will be able to find out for yourselves all about the unique kind of fascination Meteora footpaths present for trekkers. The routes described step by step and accompanied by detailed maps and information will provide you with the opportunity to have a taste of their splendor and sanctity.

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