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Greek Doors

Greek Doors

photographer: Costas Vrettacos, Emmanuela de Nora
translator: Michael Eleftheriou

Potamos, 2004
202 p.
ISBN 960-8350-67-0, ISBN-13 978-960-8350-67-0, [In Print]
Price € 20,39

First published in 1982, Greek Doors met with instant international success. It was and remains the only book dedicated solely to the study of Mediterranean doors. The Potamos edition includes captions and text by architect Perikles Panteleakis, who calls viewers’ attention to inscriptions, ornate grillwork, lintels and peristyles that reveal the age of each door and thus, its historical value. Taken as a whole, the collection of photographs by Vrettakos and de Nora testifies to the lasting presence of a Classical, Cycladic, Renaissance, and namely Neoclassical style throughout rural and urban Greece. The present edition classifies doors by geographic region, moving east from the Ionian Islands, across the mainland, through the capital and onward toward the Dodecanese, where the doors reveal the inspired interaction between high Neoclassicm and the artistic traditions of the East. The Greek door, as photographer Vrettakos notes, "simultaneously separated and joined the public and the private worlds, protecting and revealing in equal measure".

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