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Three Greek One-Act Plays

Three Greek One-Act Plays

Thanasis Valtinos

, 1989
78 p.
[Withdrawn ]
Price € 7,07

In its subtitle, Thanassis Valtinos terms this short, three-part work as a novel. The first part, entitled “Proceedings of a Trial,” presents articles “copied from the newspapers of the time.” The second, “Letters from Prison,” comprises a series of letters from various senders received by one Stelios Thomaidis, an inmate in the prison of Kalami, somewhere in Chania. The third, “Yes, but it's a Kenwood,” is ad copy for various household cooking appliances. The book's peculiarity lies in the fact that these three apparently autonomous texts are marked by an invisible but firm inner unity and obvious cohesiveness. The reverberations of the Civil War -a climactic event in Valtinos's oeuvre- are a harsh reminder of the unvindicated outcome of a heartrending struggle. Three Greek One-Act Plays lies somewhere between Valtinos's Descent of the Nine and Orthokosta. It is a continuation of the former -swinging from ideological elation to the consequences- and a preparation for the latter, examining phenomena that are marginal and, at first sight, of lesser importance.

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