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Global novel

Global novel

Syllogiko ergo, Nikolo Amaniti, Alexandros M. Asonitis, Artoyr Giapen, Lena Divani, Etgkar Keret, Manoyel De Prada, Pavel Kochoyt, Antonio Skarmeta, Giorgos Skoyrtis, Ingko Soyltse, Ferinte Tsitsekoglou, Misel Feimper, Aris Fioretos, Giasmina Chantra
translator: Eleana Tsoka, Danai Ferri, Michalis Makropoulos, Zeralntin Mpienkoyr, Sonia Stamou - Ntorniakova, Ino Mpalta, Christos Rompotis, Grigoris Athanasiou, Christos Pappas, Magky Koen
editor: Antaios Chrysostomidis

Kastaniotis, 2003
396 p.
ISBN 960-03-3634-2, ISBN-13 978-960-03-3634-4, [In Print]
Price € 16,96

 Teresa Almendros is preparing to marry her beloved Juan Marino Salaveri, son of an ex-revolutionary but present-day dictator of her country. The marriage, however, cannot take place unless she tracks down her father, a virtually mythical persona who disappeared twenty years ago and has never been seen or heard of since. Teresa sets off on her long journey –through Tunisia, Greece, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Scotland– to search for him, with mixed emotions and an indeterminable frame of mind. In the process of her odyssey she is to come face-to-face with the most extreme situations, encounter both the most ruthless stool-pigeons and romantic revolutionaries, experience unexpected love affairs and witness violent deaths, diving into a past where she has no place and dreaming of a future which may never be hers. All around her is a world in turmoil, which once believed in the revolution but now found itself battling against terror and authoritarianism, a world no longer able to believe in either high ideals or great heroic figures.

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