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Ugly and Alone

Ugly and Alone

Vasilis Chatzivasileiou

Kedros Publishers, 2003
222 p.
ISBN 960-04-2361-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-04-2361-7, [In Print]
Price € 12,22

This is a contemporary novel, intensely anthropocentric, with constant reversals and surprises. It satirises the experiences of three women with humour in a playful spirit. The three women are all the same age but come from different places, different economic backgrounds and have different outlooks on society. What they do have in common is the fact that they all manage to rid themselves of their husbands, one very early on; the others taking a bit longer - and there is a third party who functions like a kind of shadowy presence around their beds. All three have a hopeless love life, whether they are trapped in marriage or are holding out for better things in the afterlife of marriage as widows or divorcees.

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