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English for Political Scientists

English for Political Scientists

Book 4: Texts and Subtexts

Marina Hila

Tipothito, 2003
188 p.
ISBN 960-402-092-7, ISBN-13 978-960-402-092-8, [In Print]
Price € 12,00

English for Political Scientists: Texts and Subtexts is the fourth in a series of four books intended for students of political science. It provides students with the advanced reading skills they need to understand a wide range of primary sources: political speeches, election manifestos, archaic and modern texts, the media, propaganda, legislation, and even political satire. Textual analysis is employed to explore the subtexts (underlying layers of meaning) that the reader should be aware of in order to make an informed evaluation of a text. Developing sound reading skills makes one not only a better reader, but also a more informed writer. Accordingly, each unit includes exercises that raise awareness of issues such as political correctness, fallacies, etc.

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