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English for Political Scientists

English for Political Scientists

Political Theories

Marina Hila

Tipothito, 2002
166 p.
ISBN 960-402-060-9, ISBN-13 978-960-402-060-7, [In Print]
Price € 12,00

English for Political Scientifists: Political Theories is the first in a series of four books intended for students of political science. It aims to meet the needs of the diverse audience of academic institutions today: ambitious students who want to go on to postgraduate studes as well as stundents who simply need English on their list of qualifications for their curriculum vitae. The impressive array of exercises means that the instructor can create a course tailored to a particular audience. The series is ambitious in its aims, providing students with reading skills and habits of language acquisition that will follow them even after they have completed the course. The format used (multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks exercises) makes the book ideal practice for students studying for the Certificate of Proficiency in English and similar qualifications, and anyone wishing to improve their command of Academic English.

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