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Small Hearts Breathe Slowly, Almost Noiselessy

Small Hearts Breathe Slowly, Almost Noiselessy

Ralloy Giannousopoylou

Kedros Publishers, 2002
133 p.
ISBN 960-04-2174-9, ISBN-13 978-960-04-2174-3, [In Print]
Price € 10,20

These stories are not symbolic. They are not political, nor surrealist, nor adventure stories, and they are not crime stories. They are not really love stories either, although love lurks round the corner. These thirteen stories hang together by a red thread, a bloody thread. Sometimes the thread suddenly snaps, and sometimes it wears dangerously thin. The characters are people ordinary for the most part, but strange things happen to them. They have to deal with horrific situations, but they overcome them. Incredible stories. True stories.

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