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Just Cheat on Him! Voodoo Doesn΄t Work!

Just Cheat on Him! Voodoo Doesn't Work!

Chrysa Dimoylidou

Livani Publishing Organization, 2002
267 p.
ISBN 960-14-0575-5, ISBN-13 978-960-14-0575-9, [In Print]
Price € 13,81

" However, just like every tick of the clock was hitting time, a hammer in her head was carving images of the past, scenes of passion with Veronas, scenes of relaxation, trivial on the one hand, but so important on the other for someone who lives without having really experienced life... Because Fofo hadn't really lived. Even the good times next to her husband, with time, maturity, comparison, had started fading away so much that even she was wondering if they had ever really existed.
Comparison!!! A man's worst enemy. And this is why men prefer women who don't have much experience, who don't really know much. Because they will never have to face what is called comparison. And, unfortunately for Menas, Fofo was now able to compare".

When Fofo got married to Menas, she thought that marriage was the most beautiful moment in her life. Now, eighteen years later, her most beautiful moments were the ones when he was away...
She was then a twenty-year-old fresh flower with a fifty five-centimetre waist and breasts that were sticking out. Now she looks like a small whale and her waist has reached a size of a hundred and fifteen centimetres.
Her husband has sex with other women any chance he gets, ignores her, sex is non-existent and her children have no respect for her. As time goes by, Fofo falls deeper and deeper into a routine of unhappiness, until a small accident becomes the cause for everything to come upside down.
A surprise awaits them all. A surprise like the ones that make you wonder if life copies the script, or if the script copies life...

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