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The Mistress of Ali Abba

The Mistress of Ali Abba

Historical Novel

Eleni Choreanthi
series editor: Eleni Gkika

, 2002
220 p.
ISBN 960-234-834-8, ISBN-13 978-960-234-834-5, [In Print]
Price € 5,00

Yet another historical novel by HELEN HOREANTHI, this time guiding the reader through the life and history of the city of Nafpactos (better known as Lepanto) from Antiquity up to the time of the Great Naumachia that took place in the Gulf of Lepanto, between the united forces of Christianity, led by Don Juan of Austria, and the Turkish fleet under Muezzin Jade Ali (a battle in which Don Quichote’s creator, Miguel de Cervantes, lost one arm). A world-shattering historical event, a terrifying collision of power, which gave humanity the impossible proof that the Ottoman Empire, up to then omnipotent, could eventually be vanquished.

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