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English for Students of Sociology

English for Students of Sociology

Sociological Methods

Irene Havredaki

Tipothito, 2001
132 p.
ISBN 960-8041-81-3, ISBN-13 978-960-8041-81-3, [In Print]
Price € 14,00

Englisth for Students of Sociology: Sociological Methods is the fourth of a series of four books designed to assist students who wish to develop english skills in the area of sociology and to enhance their professional understanding of the subject. Every book in the series consists of ten units and a glossary of special terms. Each of ten units begins with a passage pertaining to sociology followed by a reading comprehension section and discussion questions designed to stimulate class participation and help students think and express themselves analytically. It also includes a variety of activities and exercises built around the special terminology of sociology, as well as several writing projects which aim at helping the learner master specialized vocabulary and impove his or her writing skills and general use of the english language.

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