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The little fir-tree with the red beret

The little fir-tree with the red beret

Eleni Dikaioy
illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoylia

Patakis Publishers, 2001
38 p.
ISBN 960-16-0258-5, ISBN-13 978-960-16-0258-5, [Out of Print]
Price € 10,50

The little fir-tree was green and bushy. It grew amongst the cedars that looked after it as though it was one of them. Ants made their nest in its roots, tickling it by their constant toeing and froing every day. Also, there were always plenty of birds about to keep it company. The little fir lived happily with all its friends and in time became the most beautiful tree in the whole forest. Then, one day, the magpie began to talk of another fir-tree. One shining day and night in the village square, splendidly decorated with tinsel, baubles, tiny coloured lights and other bright objects. A Christmas tree! Listening to the magpie the little fir felt small and dull and unimportant... But was the Christmas tree really the most beautiful of the two?

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