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Peace in King Bam-Bam΄s Land

Peace in King Bam-Bam's Land

Maria Veleta - Vasileiadou
illustrator: Eleni Tsakmaki

, 2001
36 p.
ISBN 960-234-853-4, ISBN-13 978-960-234-853-6, [In Print]
Price € 10,00

War-loving King Bam-Bam is full of worries. Sometimes his weapons (lentils and chick-peas) will not suffice to kill the enemy. At other times these weapons do not fit in the guns as the tears of war-hating women make them expand. Not to mention that the prince hates both lentils and chick-peas! To make things even worse for King Bam-Bam, the prince likes to play with the enemy’s children! And the years go by with frustrated King Bam-Bam trying to conquer yet another country. Until he is forced to confine himself within his own borders. But how did it come to be that he realized that along with peace, his country lost its smiles and its beauty?

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