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Poor Margo

Poor Margo

Soti Triantafylloy
translator: Alexandra Kontaxaki

Patakis Publishers, 2001
389 p.
ISBN 960-16-0205-4, ISBN-13 978-960-16-0205-9, [In Print]
Price € 17,84

This is the story of Margo Krup, a teenage girl from the Midwest who leaves her hometown to go to Hollywood and work as a guitar player. Margo is a misfit; she also plays the meanest guitar in town; not that there is any fierce competition in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, that, she has to admit. Poor Margo has a hard time at home; her folks are religious bigots, her kid brother, Mo, earns his pocket money being the family snitch. Making music with a local band - the Wildcats - and hanging out with her girlfriend Charlie are Margo’s only consolation. So, one day, she runs away from home, gets on a bus and goes to LA. At the end of the road, there’s Caesar, the Chicano boy she falls madly in love with, Max, the movie buff who manages a rock’ n’ roll band - the Gringos - and Greg Jones, a Grand Funk ex-roadie who’s writing his memoirs; there’s also a bunch of strange and vulnerable people who inadvertently fill Margo’s life with tenderness, excitement and desperation. And although Poor Margo is about being young and restless and wide-eyed in the big city, this is not a novel about sex, drugs and rock’ n’ roll; it’s the chronicle of a coming of age, a free fall and an unconditional, unfulfilled love.

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