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Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Original research on his travels

Kosmas Politis

Iolkos Publications, 2001
205 p.
ISBN 960-426-199-1, ISBN-13 978-960-426-199-4, [In Print]
Price € 12,00

This book by the great greek novelist Cosmas Politis is an original research work with a literary bias, on the travels and the adventurous and progressive personality of the explorer Marco Polo.
The author with acute observation traces and comments on Polo's travel from Venice, via Greece, and his stay at the Court of the mogul Kubla Khan, as well as many of his adventures in the then unknown Asia.
This work was completed by Politis in 1959, and is now (after 42 years) printed in book form.
It comprises 14 chapters plus the author's introduction, as well as a preface by the journalist and writer Yannis Koridis on the adventures of the original manuscript up until its present publication.

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