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Minima Memorialia

Minima Memorialia

History of my grandfather

Aggelos Elefantis

Polis Publishers, 2001
84 p.
ISBN 960-8132-41-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-8132-41-2, [In Print]
Price € 8,42

I learnt my grandfather's life story from my grandmother, in the form of a tale, or rather, I searched for it in her deliberate rambling, many years after he had fled to America, without ever returning. I am not sure what is true of what my folks have told me and to what extent facts have been altered by the distant haze of time. However, I was entranced by this story about the grandfather I never met, just as the people making and living their own history all these years were also entranced. I retained all I heard, I mixed it with my own memories, slightly apart from my grandfather's life but still true and relevant, and all together I narrated them here as minima memorialia. They are the minor recollections, those that bring back lost time.

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