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For the People and the Nation

For the People and the Nation

The Andreas Papandreou moment 1965-1989

Andreas Pantazopoulos

Polis Publishers, 2001
345 p.
ISBN 960-8132-32-0, ISBN-13 978-960-8132-32-0, [In Print]
Price € 17,94

This book is a study, which examines the PASOK (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) as an ideological formation. The analysis is based on the critical presentation of texts of the "Movement's" founder Andreas Papandreou and the party's documents during 1974-1989. The decade 1960 is considered as the "introduction" of the ideological synthesis of PASOK.
The basic thesis of the author is that PASOK, even though it enlarged the democratic institutions, functioned as a "national-populist" formation, using the concepts "people" and "nation" so that it installed an unprecedented ideological hegemony in the Greek political scene. The book contains a preface by Yorgos Paschos.

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