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Architecture of Tears

Architecture of Tears

Short Stories

Dimosthenis Davvetas
series editor: Eleni Gkika

, 2001
223 p.
ISBN 960-234-788-0, ISBN-13 978-960-234-788-1, [In Print]
Price € 5,00

Mythology, everyday reflections, and myth-making coexist in a perfect balance. The characters are a mix of realism and fantasy, of dream and desire, while the words become images (and vice versa) and develop and work in the manner of detective stories or films.
Without any attempt to beautification, without intentional lyricism and decorative adjectives, the characters here are led through the pace of action to realize that it's only a thin line between cruelty and tragedy. Violence and existential anxiety, emotive situations and intensity create an atmosphere in which trauma, loss and fall become the starting point of a creative beginning.
The architecture of tears is a series of texts where tears and pain lead to a metamorphosis, paving the way to

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