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Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer Days


Lili Kaloytsa - Mayrokefalou
series editor: Eleni Gkika

, 2001
243 p.
ISBN 960-234-780-5, ISBN-13 978-960-234-780-5, [In Print]
Price € 10,10

They once fell in love with each other. Now an abyss lies between them. The bridge that connects them is their little daughter, and, perhaps, whatever is left of their old love. He is consumed in ephemeral affairs, seeking an intense life. He is hungry for money and he'd do anything to get it. He sets up a deal. Will he make it?
She, on the other hand, reminisces the past through her journal and discovers her secret life, her hopes, but also her anxieties about the future of her child in a world in which "survival means risking death".
A realistic and sensitive book reflecting life - flowing, paradoxical, vulnerable and undefeatable.

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