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Promenades in Byzantine Thessalonike

Promenades in Byzantine Thessalonike

E. Kourkoutidoy - Nikolaidou, A. Toyrta
photographer: Makis Skiadaresis, Sotiris Chaidemenos

Kapon Editions, 1997
223 p.
ISBN 960-7254-46-5, ISBN-13 978-960-7254-46-7, [In Print]
Price € 25,56

The book Wandering in Byzantine Thessaloniki reveals the Byzantine face of the city to the modern visitor, through the marks left by 2,300 years of history. The text describes and evaluates the most recent evidence for the Byzantine monuments of the city; together with the lavish illustrations, it offers an elegant account of the history of Byzantine civilization, enticing visitors along the major streets and narrow alleyways of the Upper Town and introducing them, through the expertise of the specialist and the love of the admirer, to the enchantment of its unique monuments. The book has been published in Greek, English and German.

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