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Studies on the Civil War

Studies on the Civil War


Syllogiko ergo, Keith Legg, Christos Ch. Chatziiosif, Prokopis Papastratis, Aggeliki Laiou, Stanley Aschenbrenner, Lars Baerentzen, Ole L. Smith, Heinz Richter, Chagken Flaiser, Nigel Clive, Giannis O. Iatridis, Robert Frazier, Elisabeth Barker, Jože Pirjevec
translator: Aristea Parisi
editor: Lars Baerentzen, Giannis O. Iatridis, Ole L. Smith

Olkos Publishers, 2002
349 p.
ISBN 960-7169-12-3, ISBN-13 978-960-7169-12-9, [In Print]
Price € 21,30

A collective volume of texts by foreign and Greek historians that research important aspects and controversial issues of that crucial period.

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