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Marion on the Silver Islands and in the Red Forests

Marion on the Silver Islands and in the Red Forests

Soti Triantafyllou
illustrator: Tasos Misoyras

Patakis Publishers, 1999
126 p.
ISBN 960-378-104-5, ISBN-13 978-960-378-104-2, [Withdrawn ]
Price € 8,42

Marion on the Silver Islands and in the Red Forests is the story of a little girl from the North who travels through magic lands
and legends towards the eternal summer. The book is a fairy-tale and a quest, a wandering and an initiation to life: Marion meets the lost summer after a fantasy trip, after a season in psychedelic Beatles' songs. In the end, she knows what friendship means, and love and death; and what a fabulous planet this is.

A book for young, not so young and really grown-up kids!
The first book for children by an acclaimed author.

"The biggest misfortune that year was that the summer never came. It came every year, stayed for a few days, the wind got balmy and the clouds traveled back and forth. But that year, the summer forgot Nebyavik. It just slipped its mind. On June twenty-four, Marion's dad stood at the glass window and saw the summer passes by: at he end of the horizon a golden line flashed, and then a blue one, and then nothing. The snow froze on the streets-the children slid on it in their ice skates."

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