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The Adventure of a Goldfinch

The Adventure of a Goldfinch

Georgia Anezini - Leraki
illustrator: Eya Mela

Synchroni Epochi, 1999
57 p.
ISBN 960-224-845-9, ISBN-13 978-960-224-845-4, [In Print]
Price € 13,24

National Award for Children's Book Illustration [2000]

The topic of The Adventure of a Goldfinch is birds in captivity. In this tale, the author speaks to children about the right of living creatures to live freely in nature and in keeping with their own nature.
A goldfinch leaves its mate and flies far from its nest. Unfortunately, it is caught by some children and ends up in a house. Its cage is comfortable, the people take good care of it, it always has food and for company it has a canary, which has never lived freely. The dialogue between the two birds and the words of the little girl in the house help young readers to understand the value of freedom, which is a basic right that cannot be compensated for by any comfortable conditions.
The Adventure of a Goldfinch is a text interesting for the concepts it presents, yet rather static and, consequently, not easy to illustrate. Eva Mela, who decorated the story with her paintings received the State Prize for her illustrations because, through her art, she succeeded in giving expression to the birds and in creating a characteristic sense of perpetual movement, a feature of the world of birds.

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