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Memory and Reminiscence

Memory and Reminiscence


F. D. Drakontaeidis

Patakis Publishers, 2000
71 p.
ISBN 960-378-635-7, ISBN-13 978-960-378-635-1, [Withdrawn ]
Price € 8,12

The process of remembering and especially the relationship between the historical memory and the computers' memory are a vast and unexplored territory. This essay consists a more or less rough first draft on this matters, hoping there will be plenty of stimuli for its further development.

"People's memory, the memory of public life, the memory that chooses to glorify and surrender to the descendants everything great and miraculous, was expressed in Herodotus and his Historia. Later, Thucydides proved that words can transfer other meanings than the ones we think they contain and that behind acts ambitions are always hidden. Thus, history and the memories it registers may not be so innocent as Herodotus meant to say. The civilization of Western Europe lived through its bloom and grandeur believing in Herodotus' concept and Thucydides' remarks.
On these patterns it built its own history and created a corpus of memory that formed the European and world societies through the centuries.
Computers store in memory every act, significant or not, and they have no chance to forget, since whatever enters their memory can live forever therein. They have no intention to teach the upcoming generations, they don't produce knowledge, they only provide information and then not to anybody but to their users only. Computers have no words, have no doubts.
This memory of computers forms another world with no common point whatsoever with the memory of Herodotus or Thucydides. We have entered this world."

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