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On A Sunday Which They Called Tuesday

On A Sunday Which They Called Tuesday


Vasilis Chatzivasileiou

Kedros Publishers, 2000
286 p.
ISBN 960-04-1744-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-04-1744-9, [In Print]
Price € 14,27

The final days of the colonels' dictatorship in Greece. Having just completed their military service, two friends and colleagues, civil engineers, are taking the first hesitant steps in their professional careers, using the limited means at their disposal. They share a room and office in Thessaloniki. But their passion for chess and their obsession with demonstrating their undoubted intelligence become the starting point for a strange rivalry and underlying hostility. Locked into this unhealthy competitiveness, they do not realise that they have lost their nerve. Without their being aware of it, their cleverness is blocking their professional progress and smooth cooperation. Meanwhile, the philosophy of chess signals practically every move they make and is adapted to every action.

"The novel is characterised by it's unadorned style, the abrupt use of phrases in the text, the rapid alternation of scenes."

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