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The Invisible Crown of Wisdom

The Invisible Crown of Wisdom

Thomas Mastakoyris
illustrator: Maria Savvidou

Esoptron Publications, 1998
ISBN 960-7228-31-6, ISBN-13 978-960-7228-31-4, [In Print]
Price € 9,17

An original esoteric initiative adventure based on the four traditional archetypical elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air).
A fairy-tale that is not only written to entertain children, but also to inspire them and to initiate them in some of the most important archetypes-models of life, which exist in all civilizations from the beginning of time. The story of the hero Heliodoros is based on the action of these elements which, according to tradition, are the basis of universal creation.
In a simple and pleasant way, this fairy tale "fills" the child with the traditional values and the ideals the four elements represent, that are necessary for a harmonious life and for the contribution to the creation of a better world.
The book comprises an annex with explanations of the symbols and notions for the parents.

- But you already have it on, he answered in a sweet voice.
Heliodoros thought that the old man was joking, but he really felt something on his head. As he was raising his hands to his hair, his fingers touched a warm metal. He seized the crown and full of surprise he brought it in front of him. It was made of the purest gold, embellished with precious stones, each of them looking like a small sun.

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