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The Rise and Decline of Byzantium

The Rise and Decline of Byzantium

Gianis Kordatos

Boukoumanis Publications, 1974
595 p.
[In Print]
Price € 31,95

Yannis Kordatos deals with the fundamental causes that dismantled
the military and social forces of Byzantium, resulting first
in its submission to Latins (1204-1261) and then in its final fall (1453),
thus giving way to the rise of Turks.
Many historians have given various answers to the subject, but all
are more or less untenable, as they see history as a collection of facts without a connecting link between them, i.e. as deeds of great men (kings, generals, politicians) or mere fate.
This conception, originating from idealistic criteria, is wrong, as old
and modern "Byzantinists" correlate the rise and the fall of Byzantine Empire with the personal abilities of some exceptional emperors.

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