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Ancient Tragedy and Comedy

Ancient Tragedy and Comedy

The Social roots of ancient Greek theatre

Gianis Kordatos

Boukoumanis Publications, 1974
278 p.
[In Print]
Price € 17,04

Tragedy was closely related to the cult of Dionysos, which took
all human beings away from the conventional life of the cities
and guided them back to Mother Nature, offering them joy and
the juices of life - ingredients that help thought to become blood (according to Nietzche). But vanity always remains deep in the joy
of existence, and the God of Nature, who revels and gets drunk
with the abundance of vitality, is altogether a God of dying nature. Dionysos is God of life and death at the same time. Thus, songs
about Dionysos contained a gloomy and sad tone, guiding
to a strongly expressed pessimisme.
I.Sikurtis, student of Wilamovitz SOCIAL SCIENCES from Greece

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