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A Tree Called Nicolas

A Tree Called Nicolas

Based on an idea by Giorgos Pitsounis

Dimitri Potamiti

Doudoumis Editions, 1999
79 p.
ISBN 960-7837-27-4, ISBN-13 978-960-7837-27-1, [In Print]
Price € 15,28

Dimitrios Potamitis is a leading figure of the modern Greek stage, who specializes in writing and/or
directing plays for children. This book is the text
of his latest play for children, which was performed with great success in his theater in Athens during
the entire season of 1998-1999. Looking through
the daily life of a small urban community, the play focuses on the main problems of our time, such as the lack of innocence and love towards other people and our environment.

"Everybody wondered about the same thing: Were they dreaming? Were they awake? But the reply doesn't count so much. Even if it was a dream, a nice dream, it's up to us to make it real! Because love and happiness, my dear children, whenever we are sleeping or we are awake, are the most precious of all goods!"

(the end of the play "A tree called Nicolas")

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