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What Hypertention is and How can be Managed

What Hypertention is and How can be Managed

Th. D. Moyntokalakis

Beta Medical Publishers Ltd, 2000
160 p.
ISBN 960-8071-17-8, ISBN-13 978-960-8071-17-9, [In Print]
Price € 10,20

Misconceptions about hypertension are very common and constitute an important barrier to hypertension control. The main objective of this book is to contribute in the education of hypertensive men and women. Instead of strict recommendations or direct answers to common questions, an explanation of basic concepts, such as the meaning of hypertension or of risk factors, has been chosen as a means to achieve this goal. Although analytical and comprehensive, the book is written in a simple, familiar language, easily understandable by the layman. Short stories, examples from everyday life and quizzes are used to make the book more attractive and to illustrate specific issues, such as the need for lifestyle changes. In addition to its main aim, i.e., the correction of patient's misconceptions regarding hypertension, the book can also be used as a guide by physicians wishing to provide appropriate information to their patients.

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