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About Nature

About Nature

The Second Book of the Physicists

translator: Vasilis Kalfas
editor: Vasilis Kalfas

Polis Publishers, 1999
251 p.
ISBN 960-7478-72-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-7478-72-6, [In Print]
Price € 22,43

"On Nature ­ Physics, Book II" is the most important of the Aristotelian works on matters relating to the philosophy of nature. It contains the most complete version of Aristotle's theory of the four causes. Aristotle attempts to chart a middle between the Platonic idealism and the materialism of the last pre-Socratic philosophers. This volume includes an extensive introduction and copious commentary by Vassilis Kalphas, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Crete, who has also published his work on Plato's "Timaeus".

«"On Nature" is a work that enriches and elevates the science of philosophy in Greece.»
K. Georgousopoulos, Ta Nea, 19/5/1999
Professor of Philosophy Vassilis Kalphas wrote a valuable aid in Aristotle's physical thought. An collection of footnotes and references on the philosopher's work and on international bibliography provides help on difficult or abstruse part and exposes the varying approaches of other researchers. This book is the best way to introduce readers to aristotelic physical philosophy.»
E. Papadimitriou, Elefherotypia, 1999

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