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Modern European Literature, Suggestions of Interpretation

Modern European Literature, Suggestions of Interpretation

Nena Kokkinaki, Agathi Georgiadou, Nagia Giannakitsa
series editor: Nikos Kotridis

Kastaniotis, 1999
598 p.
ISBN 960-03-2413-1, ISBN-13 978-960-03-2413-6, [In Print]
Price € 12,72

Suggestions of Interpretation is an attempt to get in touch with 78 texts by European poets and fiction writers. Among them, one will find Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Dionysios Solomos, T.S. Eliot, Federico Garcia Lorca, Leo Tolstoi, Frantz Kafka, Italo Calvino, and others. Reconciled with the awareness that every interpretation inevitably involves the element of the subjective, the authors of Suggestions of Interpretation trace the meaning of the selected texts and state their own views, this way making it easier for the reader to develop his or her personal relationship to the text.

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