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Thessaloniki 1913 and 1918

Thessaloniki 1913 and 1918

The first colour phtographs of the 20th century

Collective Work
translator: Hélène Zervas, Voula Louvrou

Olkos Publishers, 1999
192 p.
ISBN 960-7169-97-2, ISBN-13 978-960-7169-97-6, [In Print]
Price € 67,10

This album, the resumption of the co-operation with the French Albert Khan museum, presents unpublished artistic material from the museum archives and projects a panorama of Thessaloniki, a multicultural city and a key junction of the Balkans. Scenes of everyday life in the beginning of the 20th century alternate with the pictures of the Byzantine monuments, of the port and of the city quarters but also of the refugees.

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