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Running Years

Running Years


Toyla Tigka
series editor: Manos Kontoleon

Patakis Publishers, 1999
397 p.
ISBN 960-378-016-2, ISBN-13 978-960-378-016-8, [In Print]
Price € 15,79

Through the eyes of her heroine, Toula Tinga describes the life, the dreams and the enthusiasm of a group of young friends who went their different ways after finishing High School. They went different ways because they went out to face the world, they matured and took life into their hands. The promise they made: not to forget each other. A childlike and innocent promise, a promise that was postponed because of the different experiences of each of them.
Eva, the heroine, appears to keep a daily journal and to note in detail her journey towards the discovery of herself, of her desires, of her emancipation from the family environment, while at the same time, she describes the different paths followed by her friends as they build their own lives and personalities.
Studies far from home, student friendships, first love, the first disappointments, their aims characterize the young people of our times, as this is a totally realistic description of situations, attitudes and views that we hear being discussed around us.
This book was justly awarded the Diavazo Prize for the best adolescent book, for with tenderness, knowledge and humour it presents scenes from adolescent life in a simple style, without exaggerations and embellishment. The novel's characters are close to us and the writer's art lies in the fact that she transforms everyday life into a roman-fleuve that flows quickly like the years that fly. It is a novel for young readers who have not yet had to account for their lives, but also for older readers who may identify with the heroes, reflecting on their youth.

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