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The Terrible Splash

The Terrible Splash

Critical narration on the three secret poems by G. Seferis

Dimitris Dimiroylis

Plethron, 1999
379 p.
ISBN 960-348-093-2, ISBN-13 978-960-348-093-8, [In Print]
Price € 21,50

Following his study of Seferis’ aesthetics and ideology (The Poet as Nation, Athens: Plethron, 1997), Dimiroulis proposes here a reading of the poet’s later “Three Secret Poems”, which the critics have largely ignored. Returning to Seferis’ familiar landscape, Dimiroulis relates Seferis’ mythology to the presocratic universe, linking its symbols to the corresponding symbols of Greek and foreign poets who, in one way or the other, followed a similar path to Seferis, and tracing “Mediterraneanism” as a place and modernity as a mode in Seferis’ poetics. Inspired, in the way of Spitzer and Auerbach, by a detail from the “Secret Poems”, the poet’s indirect reference to the fall of Icarus, he formulates an inter-textual – verging on interdisciplinary – interpretative approach to these poems, which he sees as Seferis’ poetic testament. This is a modern reading of a classic Greek poet and a personal journey into the meaning of poetry and of art in general.

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