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Nine Phone Calls and One Hare

Nine Phone Calls and One Hare

Aggeliki Varella
illustrator: Spyros Goysis

Minoas, 1999
77 p.
ISBN 960-542-103-8, ISBN-13 978-960-542-103-8, [In Print]
Price € 3,00

This is a story written by one of the most well-known authors of children's books in Greece.
Have you ever heard of a hare as a pet? In reading this book, you will meet one: one that lives in an apartment with a university lecturer and reads... literature, watches television, drinks coffee and, of course, gives great pleasure to his masters, who adore it. In other words, it has everything. So why did it once leave? Was it by chance or in answer to nature's call? You'll find out through reading this book, which is full of colourful scenes in the way that only the author knows how to paint them: with humour, lyricism, imagination and tenderness. And in original expressive modes: the entire story is unfolded through nine phone-calls made by the author to the hare's master; which will show, of course, that the true master, at least of the hare, is nature. You'll also meet the hare in person... through the vivid illustrations! (For readers aged nine and upwards).

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