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In the Years of Pericles

In the Years of Pericles

Alcibiades, Sicilian Expedition

Giorgos Tsoukalas
illustrator: Zafeiris Iosifidis

, 2003
172 p.
ISBN 960-234-269-2, ISBN-13 978-960-234-269-5, [In Print]
Price € 3,50

We are reaching the end of the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta. The dice are already thrown. The athenian fleet has brought troops to Sicily, in an attempt to overtake Syracuse, a Spartan ally at the time.
The disaster in Sicily, will bring about a tragic fate for Athens.
The Spartans will enforce Athenians to tear down the long walls of their city, as an ultimate humiliation.
Our hero, Lysanios of Athens, is a young man who worshipped his leader Pericles, and who returns home after Sicily, to find his son, Dexileo, a grown up man. Together, they fight their last battle before the walls of Athens.
Death comes as deliverance...

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