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Katerina Angelaki - Royk

Kastaniotis, 1999
175 p.
ISBN 960-03-2418-2, ISBN-13 978-960-03-2418-1, [Out of Print]
Price € 12,72

With this third volume of The Complete Works, Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke enters that space, which is dangerous for the individual's life, as well as for poetry: the arid land. While change is not impressive on the outside -nature is always the protagonist, now rather comforting, than exciting the poetess - she knows that the time for the great bet is drawing nearer: it is done, can there be a transformation of all this agitation, all the emotion, of love and youth into something which could be the meaning or a deeper sense of things, or even wisdom itself? And perhaps it is here. Yannoussa ("A Spring for Yannousa") where she sits still, trying to perceive her present- in these poems perhaps there is something ever more difficult than death itself: the space, the time that exists until then. Therefore, Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke makes up a country, Lypiou, to go to when she is "Deeply saddened", while hoping to be taught something when she lifts her eyes up to Holderlin, to Solomos. Moreover, she still believes in what Penelope says (The Scattered Papers of Penelope) in the first volume, namely, that whatever lacks in feel, gains in essence.

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