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Peloponnese Exaltis

Peloponnese Exaltis

Ioli Vingopoulou

Militos, 2013
214 p.
ISBN 978-960-464-408-7, [In Print - Full book details coming soon]
Price € 80,00

Peloponnese. The island of Pelops, the southernmost peninsula in Greece, the almost-island, is connected with the mainland through a narrow strip of land, an isthmus, where a canal was constructed, and that's how the area received its name (nesos = island). It became, in other words, an island. Its natural landscape and privileged geographical location determined its historical fate, allowing people of varied origins, customs and cultures to come into contact with each other and form bonds.

This album, Peloponnese ex Altis -with the honesty and truth of the photographic lens-, reveals to us the magnificence of nature and of human intervention. Through an undoubtedly enchanting flight, we will go on a magical journey, soaring higher than the birds and the clouds, seeing the world again through the eyes of the gods.

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